Technical Design - knits
Miami FL
TECHNICAL PACKAGES - Technical drawing, graded specification sheets, fit comments, B.O.M sheets, garment construction, garment packaging details, labeling details
PATTERN DESIGN - manipulating patterns per fit comments, grading, gerber system
SOURCING - Researching new international factories for quality & competitive pricing
TIME MANAGEMENT - Manage the development & production of multiple brands/styles on a daily basis while maintaining delivery schedule, fit standards, and design intent
FIT TECHNICIAN- Assist in fittings with live model, develop fit comments from changes
COMPUTER PROFICIENCIES- Microsoft suite, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Web PDM
Knits Technical Designer 
Ingear, Hialeah, FL 
August 2008 - Present
Private Label: White House| Black Market, Victoria Secret, Spencers, Venus, Torrid, Ross, Steinmart
Brands: Kariza, Playboy, True Religion, Jessica Simpson, YBL, Plunge, Guy Harvey, Maryln Monroe, Coca Cola
- Product Development: Work with designer and merchandiser to develop 1st specs, fit standards, competitive pricing,  design issues, and ensure product speed to market
- Sourcing: Product sourcing & competitive costing with factories for brand/private label 
- Tech packs: First through production graded specs, garment construction, issue fit comments to factories from fittings, garment/carton packaging, design print placements
- Quality Control: Regulate factories to brand standards throughout the fit process, oversee the garment production stages in Asia factories according to B.V. standards 
Assistant Pattern Maker 
Koel Design, Palm Beach, FL
June 2006 - June 2008
Missy contemporary Dresses and Separates
- Assistant pattern making: Pattern manipulation for new development, grading 
- Product development:  Trim/fabric sourcing, Analyzing new proto type samples 
Textile Inventory Supervisor        
Joann Fabrics, Palm Beach, FL  
January 2004 - October 2007          
- Product merchandising: Product visual displays, product ordering, inventory control
Colegic Swimwear Miss Fanatic, Orlando, FL 
August 2010 - September 2010
- Technical Consulting: Graded specs from protoype sample, B.O.M sheets, garment construction, sublimation printing specs, garment packaging, labeling details 
Organic Yoga Separates JaiDye, Hollywood, FL 
July 2008 - June 2009
- Technical Consulting: Graded specs, garment construction, garment packaging, textile dying/development, production sourcing, product merchandising at trade shows 
The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale FL 
January 2006 - June 2008
*Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design 
Edison State College Fort Myers, FL 
July 2004 - December 2005
*Focused in sales and business management

2008 - MIAMI FASHION WEEK student designer competition winner
         - design/produced/featured women's organic separates 
2007 - Hispanic women of distinction fall fashion show
         - design/produced/featured women's separates clothing
2007&2006 - Fort lauderdale las olas food and wine festival
         - design/produced/featured food inspired costume wear
2005 - Chicos take flight fall fashion show
        - design/produced/featured aviation inspired costume wear

Please see the following web pages for your reference:

Tell me about yourself?
I am currently a knits technical designer at a swimwear/women’s causal wear manufacture.  We manufacture for our own brands as well as pieces to whole collections for private label customers. Due to the economic downturn I am the only technical designer for my company. Unlike your average technical designers who responsibilities are to create technical drawings, first specs, and transcribe fit notes; I was charged with creating all graded specs, communicating directly with factories, and overseeing product quality.  I am a self motivator who is eager to learn and applies themselves 100% to every project. 
Why should we hire you? 
I have 2+ years experience as a technical designer, where I oversaw all technical development, and 2+ years as an assistant pattern maker. With my experience, dedication, and perseverance I hope to contribute to your team to help make your products meet their full potential. 
What kind of experience do you have not listed on your resume?
My company is one of the largest swimwear manufactures in the USA. We have imported over a million swimsuits in the past 2 years from over a dozen factories in china. Being the only technical designer I was charged with regulating all dozen or so factories fits to one standard spec and design, ensure overall product quality, speed to market, and very competitive pricing. 
How competitive pricing?
1.25 USD/FOB/sets competitive.
Your resume says you traveled to China?
I have traveled to china multiple times, mainly to the south western region. My responsibilities while I was there were to collaborate with the technical department and QC manager to ensure our current production meets our customers standards. Additionally I reviewed pending designs in house as to save time and expenses from shipping multiple samples to and from USA.
You have a lot of swimwear experience, why are you applying for a KNITS TECHNICAL DESIGN position?
I mainly concentrate in producing swimwear at my current job, however I do oversee women’s apparel knits as well. I have experience in developing the graded specs, fittings, and following through on production for our women’s knits collections. I personally enjoy working with women’s apparel knits over swimwear because their is more of a surface area to play with. 
What are your strengths?
I am a self motivated person who applies themselves and puts 100% into their work. 
What are your weakness?
Ni hao - xie xie, that is the extent of my chinese, however I have a lot of experience chinglish.
Are you willing to relocate?
Yes, I love traveling and seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Relocating would only contribute to my eagerness to experience new places.
What do you do other than work?
I love to craft. I usually am creating little trinkets from scrap fabrics and recycled materials. Other times I am manipulating and creating clothing for myself and friends.